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Product Detail
Product introduction

The third generation concrete is our advantage in the two generations before collection and developed on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology with distinct characteristics,represents the most advanced level of the third generation sand separators,and with independent intellectual property rights.This machine is mainly used for cleaning mixer concrete mixing stations and residual waste concrete,sand separation recycling,use of the device could solve the problem of waste concrete pollution,and conserve resources.Not only can the waste mixer in the sand,stone,Whey disposable cleaning automatic separation and ensure sand,stone,water reuse,wastewater through sedimentation,filtration and then pumped into the machine cycle using the full realization zero discharge of sewage,which saves resources and protect the environment,mixing station is the best supporting green energy products.

Technical Features

1.Simple structure,easy maintenance and repair,the product features to achieve all of the coaxial mechanical transmission,simple maintenance repairs.General products for two forms of dynamic,complex structures.

2.Unique mesh sieve scale hole taper design,coupled with high-presser spray tube design allows automatic cleaning clogged,solve the congestion problems separating machine.

3.The failure rate is low,the device all the power comes from the realization of a motor reducer.(general products for two)

4.The separation effect,high capacity,with a new inner and outer helical good (adjustable)screening technology,not only separation,separation ability is also high,1.25m diameter drum products,general products is about 0.8m;design separation capacity of 40 tons/hour,the product is generally not more than 20 tons/hour;(separation capacity main consideration when considering a one-time be devoted to dry ingredients wash station loaders).

5.The separation of material cleanliness is high,the lower separator 1/3 height is always full of water,that means gravel and sand are washed by water,and surface cleanliness is high.Sand mode to filter water fishing type,general product extrusion screw conveyor sand,containing a large mortar.

6.The stone mouth design,the location of overflow tank design makes the machine loaders scraping the material without interference.(Ordinary products Yang sand shovel loader arm when shipped arms to touch the sand prone to accidents)

The main technical parameters

Item Unit Data
Product Model -- ESF30
Screening Capability t/h 30
Stone size Screened mm >Ø5
Sand size Screened mm Ø1-Ø5

Mixing Trucks Number

Qty <20
Power of main Body kw 4
Weight of main body kg 3000
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 4500*1700*2190

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