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Product Detail
Product introduction

Since the establishment of our company,we have researched and developed series of international leading level car cleaning equipment such as “fully-automatic tunnel car washer” “fully-automatic reciprocating car washer” “bus washer” “garbage truck washer” “construction truck wheel washer”and so on.We adhere to “technology-leading,honesty-oriented”as our operation principle all the time.We take the product idea of “energy-saving,environment friendly,high efficiency and safety”to guide our development,We commit ourselves to the research and generalization of all kinds of cleaning machines and related products.We aimed at leading a new conception of car cleaning and make this work to be safer,more efficient,more environmental and save more water,electricity and other energies.

We take split type hot galvanizing process on the equipment and matched every parts to become a whole set,the antirust ability of the machine can be compared with the electricity tower.The key pads of the equipment such as bearing and swing system are taken stainless steel.Computer is taken to control all the system,cleaning system take closely horizontal sweep,vertical sweep and straight jet mode,making a target shooting according to the drum radian to make sure there is no dead angle.Take five clean water falls include prewet,water wave hammer,sudden diarrhea,sudden pour and clean water sprinkle.The water pressure can be adjust from 1 to 8 kg/cm2,water run in different ways according to sensor response to save the water,multilayer water out treating pound was used to make sure the emission reach the standard.

The main technical parameters

Machine volume


Using area


Cleaning mode

Pass type and stand type

Control mode

PLC micro computer

Test mode

Photeelectric sensor

Cleaning pattern

Multi-angle flushing(fixed and swing water knife)

Cleaning parts

Car sides chassis tire turbine

Spray nozzle

Stainless steel or copper material nozzle


Hot galvanizing dealing

Water way

High pressure pipe(rubber)Taiwan product


Stainless steel

Water pump

Shanghai fully oil-bath high pressure water pump

Rockerswing system

Stainless steel

Control system

(imported electrical parts)

Japan Omron Micro computer

American Bonnar Sensors

Korea LS Switch



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